Thursday, 10 April 2014

Inquiry Thursday

Good afternoon,

Today was all about finding out about stuff. Or trying to.

First with a bit of Maths. The children drew around their soft toys... that they could then use a consistent unit of measurement (multi link cubes) to discover how tall it was.

After lunch we practiced out parts for the Easter Liturgy...

...before carrying on with our volcanoes inquiry that we started at the beginning of the week.

Monday was all about listing what we knew...

Tuesday and Wednesday was then asking questions to find out stuff we didn't already know, and where from.

Today we looked through some books...

...which lead to another question...

...which is kind of what inquiry is all about.

Good stuff!

Mr Grant

Oh, and now that we have the teddy silhouette, we don't need the toys back at school. If they haven't made their way home tonight, they need to do so tomorrow.

Oh, and talking of tomorrow - we're on assembly! Though we won't actually be doing anything too flash...

Oh, and Galoop met his much younger brother!

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