Thursday, 28 August 2014

Election Thursday

Good afternoon,

Well, we had our election for our Room 2 leader and representative for the position of Rutherford Team Leader, and the winner, as per his election promises... "organising" a shared lunch for tomorrow. And I quote...

Shared lunch Friday lunch in Room 2. You need to bring muffins and popcorn, chips & stuff.

So, there you go. Please provide a plate of shared food for a class lunch tomorrow. No lollies or chocolate, please. He didn't state it, but I'm sure all parents would be more than welcome to join us!

Further to our electioneering, our next goal is to convince the rest of the Rutherford team that our man is the man for the job for Rutherford team leader.

We started coming up with some ideas for an election promise or two this afternoon.

We may need some parental assistance with some of these!

Mr Grant

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