Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Inside Tuesday

Good afternoon,

Well, it was a little damp this afternoon, so, after Rutherford Team Singing, instead of going out for P.E., we read another chapter of the Magic Faraway Tree (which I'm really enjoying), and the children had a wee few minutes to exercise the Key Compentencies.

(I've taught a very simple set of wargame rules using my Star Wars miniatures - if your target's in the open, you need to roll a 5 or 6, if it's hiding behind something, you need a 6. It's great for a bit of tactical decision making and good old fashion turn taking. And see, girls can play with toy soldiers!)
Earlier in the day, after a bit of big book instruction, identifying blends...
...Ma reading group read a School Journal article about a seeing eye human for a dog...

Have a lovely evening,

Mr Grant

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