Friday, 7 March 2014

Fun Day Friday

Good afternoon,

We had a fair bit of being-read-to and reading-to-ourselves today in Room 2.

Some poetry...

...then with OLA and Hoon Hay School's delayed Reading aloud day...

...which was postponed from Wednesday. We had about 650 children reading or being read to on the property!

Reading was continued after morning tea first with our class novel Brave Mama Puss which the children are really enjoying (which in turn pleases me no end! - and no, sorry Will, we didn't do any cartoon story boarding of the chapters we read. Next week) - and then with our weekly trip to the library.

In between these times we practiced with Room 6...

...for our performance at assembly...

...complete with technical glitch!

The You Tube clip that we were playing from only partly loaded before playing it, so...yeah...

I was really impressed with the way Room 6 led Room 2 and just plowed on regardless!

Please set your You Tube to HD (that gear icon in the clip window). It'll look much better.

Then, to finish the fun, Room 2 exercised the Key Competencies of Thinking, Relating to Others, Understanding Symbols and Text, Managing Themselves and Participating and Contributing through our Friday TRUMP it time.

And a good time was had by all!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Grant

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