Thursday, 20 March 2014

Thursday Theology

Good afternoon,

This afternoon we continued learning stories from the Bible that showed that Jesus loved others...

  • BBQ on the beach
  • Jesus and the Little Children
  • The widow's son
  • Jairus' daughter
  • Blind Bartimaeus
  • Jesus calms the storm
  • Jesus walks on water - and calms another storm

...including Jesus healing the 10 lepers (Luke 17:11-19).

Jesus was walking past a town on his way to Jerusalem when 10 lepers cried out "Have mercy on us," to Jesus from afar.

Jesus said to them "Go to the priests to have them check you."

As the turned to go, the 10 lepers were instantly made well.

But only one came back to Jesus to thank him!

Earlier in the day, we also did a spot of reading...

...and later, tried drawing Taranaki.

See you in the morning,

Mr Grant

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