Tuesday, 24 June 2014

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Good afternoon,

Sorry for the lack of post last night, I had to rush off to an eLeaders' meeting in Linwood straight after school.

So...yesterday we started breaking down the Our Father prayer. So we looked at God being Our Father through the parable of the sheep.

A farmer had a bunch of sheep.

Or a flock...a herd of sheep?

Of course I've heard of sheep! Heard of chickens? (Laughs himself silly...!)

Anway, he counted them all up...

...to find that he was missing one.

So he left the good sheep safe and sound in their pen and went off to find that one lost sheep, and bring it home. With her tail behind her.

I tried to use this parable as an example of God the Father giving up everything to save us, his lost sheep. Upon further reflection, the story of The Prodigal Son would have served the purpose better.

Anyway, today we started with a touch of maths...

...and had a visiting show in the afternoon.

All courtesy of Kahuna Kidsongs.

Right, time to head home to sort out portfolios.

Mr Grant

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