Monday, 30 June 2014

No Photos Monday

Good afternoon,

Just while I've got a wee break between interviews...I've got nothing of the children to share!

One thing though, while I think about it, regarding how to help at home with maths, this is the routine I'm using in class during the week, I think it would be helpful to incorporate the same routine into your afternoons...

Get a set of cards, remove the picture cards (keep the Ace - that's your "1"), and...

  • Monday - use them as prompts to work on halves and doubles
    • "What's half of this, what's double that"
    • Stick with whole numbers until they are really good at it, then ask them to halve odd numbers - we're doing that in class
  • Tuesday - put aside the cards, have them skip count in 10s, 5s, 2s, 3s and 4s
    • When they're really good at it, challenge them to do it backwards!
  • Wednesday - Basic facts to 20
    • "Add these two cards, subtract this from that..." etc
  • Thursday - Make 5 and make 10
    • Show them a card, and ask them to "make 5" (that is, what do they need to add or subtract to turn that number into a 5), and the same with "make 10".
    • When they get good at this, extend it to "make [any given number]".

...for perhaps 5 minutes each afternoon.

Other than's a normal Tuesday tomorrow.

Kind regards,

Mr Grant

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