Thursday, 24 July 2014

Count 'em Up Thursday

Good afternoon,

And once again thanks to Emma, Catherine and Hilaire for helping out with the paper bataki this afternoon!

Next step is to scrunch them all up, then flatten them down, three times before applying dye.

This morning, after a bit of prayerful meditation...

...Room 2 were using tally charts to identify which of five colours was Room 2's favourite. So first we had to limit our choice to just five.

Right, next thing was for the children to actually gather the data themselves, so we tried our first ever doughnut.

Which was going swimmingly...until I realised that each half of the doughnut had yet to ask themselves, so...back to the "pile in, ask each other member of your group!" week!

Please remember that we're at Mass in the morning. 9:15 start. Full school uniform please.

Mr Grant

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