Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Competition Tuesday

Good afternoon,

This morning, for reading, Kahurangi read their text with us, The Competition.

They did really well, considering that they had only had one run through, and no practice for their performance.

Sorry for the quality of the green-screening, the lighting is such that it only really works with one child at a time...

Oh, and speaking of things kinda worked, but then again kinda didn't work, technology wise, we had a short Skype conversation with Aaron over in Perth, just before lunch and breakfast respectively as part of our Media Magic topic. We'll try again next term - perhaps by then we might have our SNUP/fibre upgrade, which I expect will improve the connection.

I wonder if you can record Skype conversations...and I wonder if a Google Hangout might not work better...though I don't think Hangouts work on iPads...but then again, we are getting an old laptop from the pod to run the board, and that'll have a webcam...hmmm...

Anyway, have a great evening, and I'll catch up with those who I didn't catch up with last night tomorrow. Please remember that school finishes at 2 tomorrow.

Mr Grant

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