Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Fun Day Tuesday

Good afternoon,

And thank you thank you thank you for your most generous gift!

I'm planning to get...
  1. a Scum and Villany starter pack (when they're out)
  2. a Firespray (when they're back in stock)
  3. a Z-95 Headhunter (when they're back in stock)
  4. a couple of M3-A Interceptors (when they're out)
  5. a Tie Phantom (when they're back in stock)
  6. a Rebel Aces pack (at least that's in stock!)
  7. and another Tie fighter
...prices to be negotiated with Tim, the owner of Comics!

Then we started the day proper. Of which I only got these shots...

...as I was kind of busy. Getting water blasted, for one thing. That reminds me, I must take my soaking clothes home. I hope they haven't blown away in the breeze.

The afternoon was spent with a bit more of The Magic Faraway Tree, and TRUMP time. And a good time was had by all. Especially the water fight!

Thanks again,

And see you one last time...for the year...tomorrow.

Mr Grant

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