Thursday, 11 December 2014

Late Post Wednesday

Good morning,

Sorry for the late post.

Yesterday Room 2 learnt to perform freeze framed scenes from The Magic Far Away Tree.

I was really impressed how they were able to pick up the concept, organise themselves and make great snapshots from the book. Today we'll try them again, with the added dimension of "Thoughts Aloud".

In the afternoon Room 3 came over to make Christmas Cards...

...with the very-much-appreciated-help from a few parents and a bunch of Year 5/6s from Room 5.

Thanks Catherine, Jo and Miss Coad!

Mr Grant

Oh, and this just in...


Last week Ashton took home an unnamed new jersey that is 77cm Kairanga brand. We have no idea where it came from, if you know anyone who has lost a jersey please come and see me!

Miss Fitzsimmons

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