Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rotation Wednesday

Good afternoon,

This morning for Maths we discussed rotation as part of our Geometry unit.

The follow up activity was for the children to keep track of the propeller blades as they rotated by colouring them differently.

After morning tea we had a little reading, where Kakariki Reading Group did an information web concerning their text for this morning, Railway Dog...

...while Kahurangi went outside to create a Pic Collage story board of their book Awumpaluma...

...and Ma created information webs about an article in their School Journals entitled Nadia Paints Her Face.

Speaking of independent reading activities...


Speaking of Star Wars characters, our OLA-Dress-Up-As-Your-Favourite-Fictional-Character-Day is not this week as I put in the weekly newsletter, but the following (Week 9). Sorry about that.

Mr Grant

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