Thursday, 11 December 2014

Last Maths Thursday

Good afternoon,

This morning Room 2 had their last Maths session for the year.

Ok, to be fair, there wasn't a lot of specific instruction going on, but there was some tactical thinking and numeracy practice going on in amongst the children's chosen activities.

Speaking of alliteration, we did do some writing - the start of a recount of a favourite time in Room 2.

We'll finish Wednesday morning, before Mass. Might fit in some handwriting then too.

We also squeezed in some new learning before popping into the library after morning tea, adding a "thoughts aloud" component to our freeze frames of scenes from the Magic Faraway Tree.

As for tomorrow, well, it's dress-up-as-your-favourite-character-or-come-in-mufti-so-long-as-you-bring-a-gold-coin-donation-for-Jose day tomorrow.

Does anyone have an old brown sleeveless vest that I could borrow for tomorrow? If so, please bring it along in the morning.


Mr Grant

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